“Bamboo Beats was probably the best wedding decision I made. They were great to work with and set the mood perfectly. So many people try to save money and cut corners with the DJ, which I do not understand. Do you want to invest in good sound quality and a fabulous atmosphere? Bamboo Beats is worth every penny. I got the most compliments on the music! Our dance party was epic!”

-Libby + Jon, Westland Distillery

Why We Charge What We Charge

Wedding DJ rates vary greatly and depend mostly on experience and reputation. It is wise to select a DJ vendor that provides the same caliber of service as the rest of your all star vendor team. Read reviews and trust your vendors, they have seen it all and can recommend DJs to match the level of service that you want for your entire wedding.  With this in mind, here are 3 basic things to understand about DJ pricing.

1. DJing is a profession and a business.

A truly great DJ is successful enough to turn his or her DJing into a viable business and not just a side hustle. The cost of being a business owner is the same with any business and includes the expenses of professional development, licenses, taxes, insurance, advertising, marketing, music inventory, equipment and more! These expenses are continuous and ongoing. A professional DJ must charge the appropriate amount to be competitive and pay the many costs associated with being a full-time business.

2. DJ equipment is expensive + the setup is labor intensive

There is a lot of equipment + hard labor necessary to provide the music for your wedding. From multiple DJ setups needed for your ceremony and reception in different locations to special effects like uplighting and lighting that enhance the party atmosphere. Because of the time intensive nature of setup and breakdown, the DJ is the usually one of the first vendors to arrive but is definitely the last vendor to leave your wedding. Professional DJ pricing reflects the cost of having and maintaining quality equipment and the labor charges for setting it up properly.

3. A DJ’s Reputation is Hard Earned

It takes years of experience and tons of weddings to learn the finer details of reading crowds of all backgrounds and adapting to situations. There is no accredited school or regulated license you can obtain to become a DJ, so the respect gained from the wedding industry and trusted vendor partners is everything. Professional, reliable and skilled DJs will be priced along the lines of your other trusted vendors.

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