Roc Phizzle (Jamal Robinson)

Funktastic Voyager


If your DNA sizzles with a generation of funk and bass, you get to call yourself Roc Phizzle! Groomed by his father, who is the bass player in the legendary funk band, Lakeside, Roc Phizzle knows how to bring the house down – in more ways than one. Roc Phizzle is a renaissance man, an incredibly well rounded DJ, MC, producer, songwriter and talented musician. Roc Phizzle can spin the best cuts, slay those keys, and boom bap those drums all in the time it takes you to get another drink at the bar.  A natural entertainer and performer, Roc Phizzle’s musical intuition is so fine tuned, that you may just lose your mind on the dance floor! In between, rocking weddings and playing with various well-known bands, you can find Roc Phizzle producing beats and recording music in his studio!

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