“A true professional. Tecumseh took our list of music and crafted an evening that really captured the vibe that we wanted. He played the songs that we loved that weren’t even on the list, by “reading through the lines” of our music.”

— Catherine + Wade
Seattle Wedding, Herban Feast, Sodo Park

Tecumseh (Isaac Dyckhoff)



The game changer. Tecumseh (teh-cum-suh) is the DJ that started it all. As the Principle DJ and Founder of Bamboo Beats, Tecumseh has won the title of “BEST DJ FOR RECEPTION” by Seattle Bride Magazine for the last two years and has been nominated every year since 2010. Tecumseh’s passion for scratching and turntablism has made waves in the special event industry and this cutting edge has helped keep the DJ culture alive and well.

Tecumseh’s intuitive style of party rocking is an intricate weave of unpredictable favorites and sentimental classics, juxtaposed with each client’s litany of unique requests. This perceptive style creates a modern vibe that is truly bespoke and custom fit for each occasion. Tecumseh’s dance parties are known to alter reality with a super-sized sandwich of throwback tunes layered with party pleasers and topped with pop hits guaranteed to satisfy everyone from grandma to the music snob.

Tecumseh is passionate about his craft and his ability to deliver the best darn party your body can endure. He’s sorry not sorry for any blisters and bunions that may ensue the day after you’ve had your fill.

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